Technical Information

The OK chair consists of a tubular marine grade stainless steel frame which can be used in two positions. The ‘portrait’ orientation supports women in a standing or ‘praying’ position, and the ‘landscape’ orientation supports them in an all-fours position or sitting. 

Three cushions can be snapped onto the frame. The smallest always supports the woman’s head and arms. The middle cushion is for kneeling on in the ‘prayer’ position or to provide a back for the birthing chair; and the largest, the seat, is shaped to allow for the birth. 



  • Core: 15 mm poplar plywood 
  • Fill: 2” high density seating grade foam 
  • Upholstery: Chieftain crib 5 antimicrobial Just Colour or Multistretch vinyl, JIS Z 2801:2000
  • Backing: 6mm Acrylic sheet sealed with antifungal silicone 
  • Cushions: Secured by purpose made snap on Terry clips 


Tested by FIRA to the following British Standards 

  • Structure: BS EN 1022 2005 (domestic furniture – seating – determination of stability) Pass
    BS EN 16139 2013 (furniture – strength, durability and safety requirements for non-domestic furniture) Pass* (*back rest excepted, designed to be removable)
  • Fire: BS 5852 Clause 12, ignition sources 0, 1 and 5 Pass